Gary Garfield



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When Gary Garfield, who recently retired CEO of Bridgestone Americas, first took the reins in March 2010, the company had grown stagnant. Its North American tire business had been losing money and draining cash for years. Through his innovative approach to changing the culture of the organization, however, Garfield changed the focus of the organization, drove collaboration and broke down silos. The result:  the company pulled out of its marketplace rut.

Garfield led the charge in creating a better workplace environment by creating accountability, driving sound management practices, and welcoming team input. He transformed Bridgestone’s focus from a manufacturing entity to a marketing leader. At the same time, the company operated as a true partner in the community with his strong stance on both corporate and environmental responsibility. After hearing his keynote, audiences will gain fresh, proven, cutting-edge strategies for how to reestablish their own corporate culture in the millennium, why it is so important to embrace disruptive ideas, and how to spark major innovation and growth in any type of organization.

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