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Shivvy Jervis is a multi-award-winning tech futurist who has received over 20 accolades for her research, talks, and broadcasting. This includes being voted a woman of the year and being recognized at the House of Lords for an Outstanding Achiever award. 

She advises businesses on innovation strategy and is currently working on an ambitious book on the future of the digital economy. She is also an experienced broadcaster, having reported on business and tech for CNN and Reuters, and created 3 successful video series' on innovation. 

Please welcome Shivvy Jervis...


Voted one of the ‘most creative thinkers in tech’ and a thought leader ‘making digital Britain tick’, Shivvy Jervis is a futurist and video series creator uncovering the groundbreaking advances that need to be on your radar.

Shivvy has been commended as having “the remarkable capacity to uncouple the relevant from the mere buzz” (Curator of TED Global), a “true expert with tremendous charisma” (the UK’s former Digital Minister) and an “outstanding presenter” (Author of Turnaround Challenge). 

A riveting storyteller with more than 300 events under her belt, her work has been recognized for more than 15 industry accolades, including 4 national award nominations (full list below). She makes it her business to immerse herself in future technologies, the digital economy, and explosive online trends, making sense of these for both enterprise and consumers. Shivvy demystifies the concepts that will radically reshape sectors, industries and ultimately our day-to-day lives.

She is particularly known for her work as the creator and producer/host of a long-running online video series (Digital Futures) that regularly draws in a 350K+ audience per episode and has racked up over 10 million views to date. In it, she curates fast-paced dialogue on the impact of emerging technologies with industry heavyweights and new founders alike (the series is backed by the world’s third largest telco for whom she also runs digital media).

In many of her livewire talks, Shivvy champions the notion of ‘tech-for-good’ and purpose-driven innovation, i.e. the sheer power of the digital and tech arena to drive meaningful - and sustainable - impact. She frequently chairs high-level debates on gender inequity in the industry and her social credentials mean she is also adept at offering an insider view on how to navigate digital marketing and social media trends in order to reach Gen X (14-19) and Gen Y (millennials).

As a former business journalist, Shivvy has a razor-sharp sense for not only what is newsworthy now, but critically what will make headlines in the future. In her avatar as a writer and commentator, she has been quoted by or published in outlets such as CNN (who also cited her as one of the UK’s young success stories), Forbes, the BBC, CBS, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Wired, The Next Web and the Silicon Republic. 

Shivvy’s talks are imaginative yet backed by rigorous research, the latter characteristic of a strong academic background that includes two global scholarships and a media fellowship. She has produced editorial from Montreal, Washington, Bangalore, and Denmark and been invited to speak at the London Stock Exchange, the DoJ, Channel 4 HQ, and BAFTA. 

Shivvy is equally at ease running with a solo headline slot, facilitating a summit, emceeing a summit/awards or orchestrating an on-stage fireside chat. 

AV Requirements

Shivvy will be bringing her Mac laptop, she will need connecting cables to Client’s system/projector; lectern/podium; lapel mic Back

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