Benefits Built in to our Services Include:

Sales/Marketing and Promotion

  • We will act as a liaison for the speaker with meeting planners, top speakers bureaus, production companies, and other organizations that are interested in using the speaker’s services.
  • We will send regular updates and news about the speaker to all bureaus and agencies. This would include new marketing materials, videos, topic descriptions, etc. keeping the speaker current and relevant.
  • We will provide regular social media postings increasing speaker exposure.
  • We will provide the speaker with ongoing consultation on all items related to his/her speaking business. Examples of these items would be advice on speaker website, videos, bio, photos, topics, etc.
  • We will feature the speaker on our website at various times throughout the year increasing speaker visibility as well as maintaining and update speaker on our site as well as Espeakers.
  • We will manage book and material sales, promotional signings and distribution of books, DVDs, Workshop materials, etc.

Client Relations

  • Will respond promptly to all speaker inquiries from potential clients with materials and pricing to extend exemplary customer service.
  • Speakers will gain access to the existing client and bureau relationships that Executive Speakers Bureau has currently established throughout the industry.
  • Speakers will receive increased negotiating power through Executive Speakers Bureau, thus increasing their overall fee on a per event basis.


  • We will completely manage the speaker’s calendar. This includes confirmed events, holds, bookings, and inquiries which will offload this time consuming task.
  • We will negotiate all of the speaker’s firm offers, contracts, video requests and NDAs and process all of the paperwork associated with the events in which the speaker is involved.
  • We will handle all of the logistics for the speaker’s calendared events, including all travel, AV and logistics and will schedule all conference calls according to speaker’s calendar.
  • Speakers will reduce their own costs on office resources because they will be utilizing Executive Speakers Bureau personnel for back office support.
  • ESB will communicate frequently with calendar updates and status of current holds and events.

Account Management

  • We will handle all invoicing for honorarium, books and travel expenses.
  • We will manage all accounts receivables and be responsible for collecting any outstanding balances.
  • Will provide a monthly financial report for speaker.

We believe this offering will allow you as a speaker to reach a higher level of success with your speaking business. Please let me know your thoughts after you have had a chance to review.

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