Voted one of Europe’s most trailblazing women in digital, Shivvy Jervis is an award-winning Innovation Futurist, Advisor and Broadcaster.

TED Global commend Jervis as having "a remarkable ability to analyze the socio-economic impact of new technologies", the World Economic Forum cite her as "a thought leader beyond compare" and Britain’s former Digital Minister finds Jervis to be "a true expert".

Jervis' research, keynote speeches and broadcasts have garnered an astonishing 22 pieces of industry recognition. This includes a national Outstanding Achiever award, being nominated a 'Woman of the Year' by public vote and named one of Britain's 10 most influential South Asian women. Shivvy has also been the youngest recipient worldwide of a prestigious academi...

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What’s Next for the Digital Economy

Bigger, better, faster, stronger - We are now truly immersed in digital and 'always on'. Technology and connectivity are rapidly being embedded in nearly every aspect of both how we do business and how we're living our lives.

The digital economy and fourth industrial revolution are seeing unprecedented growth with this sector outpacing the wider economy even in turbulent political times. 

The need for purpose-driven innovation has certainly never been stronger. In this eye-opening talk, Shivvy reveals the breakthrough technologies that must be on your radar if you want to propel your work and business forward in this new digital economy. 


Emotive AI, Tactile VR, and ‘Empathics’ anyone? Top transformative tech 

Shivvy reviews the top transformative technological advancements on the market and in the works, such as:

- Curating the most creative, realistic applications of digital tech that could transform how we do business and live our lives 

- Emotionally intelligent forms of AI such as socially assistive robots offering practical support and 'digital human’ chatbots as customer service 

- The next wave of wearables, known as “empathetics” that will know you're stressed or ill well before you even do

- Mixed reality that will allow immersion like never before, enabling us to actually feel objects in the virtual world 

- Using our biological identity as a form of cybersecurity 


You AI, me AI? The 5 most riveting advances in the space that will reinvent the business and consumer landscape 

In this keynote, Shivvy explores how artificial intelligence (AI) can learn your personality traits and responds in an incredibly human way. Could social robots learn traits like human consciousness, empathy and intuition, and one day take over our jobs? Shivvy brings to life some of the world’s most fascinating AI-powered services and explains why you need to know about the deep learning neural networks of AI. What next for the Digital Economy? How your organization can adapt and thrive
Here, Shivvy demystifies some myths about the tech landscape and what digital transformation truly means. Jervis drills down into the benefits and challenges of the current Fourth Industrial Revolution and showcases some of the most riveting advances in machine learning, the Internet of Things, cyber security and more that will radically reshape sectors and industries (and how it isn’t just for the tech giants to leverage these technologies). Additionally, Shivvy provides practical insights on how companies and governments can flourish and lead the charge instead of left behind watching from the sidelines. 


Mixed Reality: Explosive immersion is here - and here’s what you can do with it 

Imagine what it would be like to be able to FEEL digital objects. A true immersion into a digital world allows business to iterate and create multiple blueprints or prototypes in real time. Tactile VR is the way of the future, and in this keynote, Jervis explains how tangible uses of VR can be used in training and even recruiting for businesses. 


Tech-for-Good: The most powerful innovations that need to be on your radar NOW

Shivvy Jervis believes in the invaluable role of technology as a catalyst, conduit, and connector for the world. In this keynote, Shivvy reviews the Top 10 inventions coming out in the not-so-distant future that will have true, lasting impact, known as Tech-for-Good. Jervis explains how digital tech can boost both your bottom line and wider purpose, not forsaking one at the cost of the other. 


The Future of Security 

In this keynote, Shivvy explains why cyber security is a pressing issue for all business sectors, and how the future form of passwords goes well beyond a four digit pin or user credentials, including using your biological identity (think heartbeats, brainwaves, and other vascular biometrics) as security authentication.  Jervis discusses some of the challenges to the deployments of this groundbreaking and innovative concept. 


The Invisibles, Ingestibles & Embeddables: Meet the Next-Gen of Wearables 

Shivvy reviews how the next wave of wearable AI will move beyond just fitness bands. 


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  • Six ways tech will change the way you live and work
    Six ways tech will change the way you live and work
    Feb 08, 2019
    Shivvy Jervis, Women in Tech Keynote Speaker...
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    Six ways tech will change the way you live and work
    Feb 08, 2019

    Predicting the future of technology is hardly an exact science, but when you watch an industry closely it is possible to identify trends and chart a course for where things are likely headed.

    Here are predictions made by one of Britain's top digital influencers and one of Europe's 30 leading women in tech, Shivvy Jervis.

    Jervis demystifies some of the most complex technological concepts that radically reshapes sectors, industries and ultimately our day-to-day lives. She champions the notion of ‘tech-for-good’ and the role of digital as a catalyst and driver of meaningful value. We had the opportunity to meet her and ask her one of this year's most pressing questions:

    What do you believe will be the biggest way technology will change the way we live and work in the next few years?
    A: I’m an optimistic Futurist and focus on fantastic ways technology will reshape how we live and work. This will include:

    1. Digital becoming… Human
    I’ve been researching what I call ‘Emotive AI’ for years now – interfaces that will accurately perceive, read and respond to our human emotions in real time. This will become the norm and could surprise many consumers with just how “ human” and effective these virtual avatars are.

    2. Conversational Commerce & ‘Always On’ businesses
    Within the Emotive AI strand lies the most effective application – conversations with human-like avatars versus dreary text bots. We will access customer service at brands, service providers and businesses 24/7 versus being limited to the confines of their helplines.

    3. Pre-empting our Needs
    We will gather more data than ever before on consumer behavior and device use that will allow companies to predict our needs for products and services.

    4. Digital Identity
    Keeping our digital data secure will remain top of mind, and advanced tools will help us do this more effectively than we are managing now. I focus heavily on “bio-security” – using our unique biological markers to tell a system “you” are you.

    5. Replacing Tedium
    Studies show 30% of our roles can be automated – and this isn’t a bad thing. Advanced AI – responsibly used of course – will take on the repetitive tasks, freeing us up to be more productive and focus on the big decision making.

    6. Multi-sensory Experiences
    Immersive reality – a blend of AR, VR and “touch” reality – will transform sectors spanning manufacturing, defense, medicine, engineering and retail. Teams will be able to interact with one another within an immersive environment to work on new prototypes or brainstorm.


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