Chris Ruden is an elite Powerlifter, entrepreneur, model, and motivational speaker– despite his congenital birth defect leaving him with only 2 fingers on his left hand and a shorter left arm. 19 years into battling his physical situation, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. But for Chris, losing is not an option.

He uses his struggle to inspire people to overcome any and all adversity they may face in their lives through molding mindsets into resilient fortresses of self-belief. Through humor, logic, and passion, Chris’ comedically relatable, yet hard-hitting message inspires the masses.

His education mirrors his experience, as he has a bachelors degree in exercise science and health promotion as well as a laundry list of certifications and specializ...

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Speech Topics

Limitations are Self-Imposed

Imagine your world without limitations?

In this talk, Chris uses his story to help audience members break free of their limits to live better, more productive and happy lives. “Less walls and more doors” – Chris Ruden

Diversity (Without Inclusion) is a Scam

Are companies aware of how offensive, marginalizing, and destructive “diversity” recruitment and implementation can be? Chris talks about what real inclusion is, why it is critical for companies and employees alike, and how to implement it the right way. “Don’t invite people to be on the team just to bench them season after season”. – Chris Ruden

The Upper Hand

What if there was a way to leverage your limitations to your advantage? A way to turn your obstacles into opportunities to help yourself and others? In this talk, Chris invites people to take their hardest adversities and learn to repackage them to become their easiest advantages.


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